Verizon Plans $30 Dollar Fee with Upgrades

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Is it almost time to upgrade your cellular device? If so, you could be paying more this time around if you happen to be a customer of wireless provider Verizon.

On Wednesday, the company quietly announced that it would implement an additional $30 dollar fee when current customers sign a new two year contract upon upgrading their cellular devices.

Verizon maintains the move is meant to help offer services including expert consultations, workshops and educational assistance online. Without a doubt, the fee is bound to be highly unpopular with the wireless provider’s customers. Last year, the company cancelled a planned $2 dollar convenience fee for using its online bill pay services after the move resulted in a backlash.

Meanwhile, the wireless provider also emphasized that customers could possibly offset the fee by handing in their old devices with the company’s Trade-In Program. For more information on Verizon’s increased charge for upgrades, view a statement here (