Verizon Readies Shared Everything Plans

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Shared Everything data plans will make their debut for Verizon beginning June 28th. While the mobile retailer excitedly highlighted the move in a press release last week, the introduction of the plans has caused many questions among the company’s customers, curious as to how the changes will affect what they pay monthly.

The plans themselves allow unlimited shared minutes and messaging among customers, providing for up to ten devices per plan. Shared data size options range between one to ten gigabytes.  Adding a smartphone to each plan costs $40 dollars while basic totals $30.

“Shared data plans are necessary and desired by customers, but I’m not sure this is any less expensive than just going with individual plans for each device,” commented analyst Jack Golds of J Golds Associates in a report from Computerworld last week.

“Even if it is cheaper, it’s certainly way more complex … Complexity is not the consumer’s best friend,” continued Golds. So exactly what complexity is at stake with the new plans? A variety of questions are sparking debut in the online community. Meanwhile, the Washington Post previously sought to clear up some of the confusion in an article last week. Are you ready for Shared Everything? If you’re a Verizon customer, it might be a good time to clear up some of the confusion, even if it requires a trip to your local Verizon retailer.