Virtualization and Cloud Need Managing

(Ping! Zine) – Zenoss Inc today announced the release of the 2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Survey. Based on input from over 200 organizations the study found flexibility to be the leading driver for virtualization and cloud computing adoption use, while security was cited as the largest concern. The survey was conducted to help identify current trends in virtualization and cloud computing utilization and to collect input for addressing the IT management demands of those users.

“Cloud and virtualization technologies are impacting IT architecture in an unprecedented way, and while the technologies develop it’s equally important to provide complementary tools that provide visibility and management capabilities for the modern datacenter.” said Mark Hinkle, VP of Community at Zenoss, “This survey provides data on real enterprise usage trends so we can develop software that helps users fully understand and manage their virtual infrastructure.”

According to the survey data VMware and Amazon EC2 have the largest market penetration in virtualization and cloud computing respectively while there are still a large number of organizations that are deploying applications on Xen, KVM, Rackspace Cloud and Google App Engine. Additional findings in the 2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Survey include:

•40.7% indicated that they preferred to deploy servers virtually, 29.3% indicated they used virtualization whenever possible.
•43.3% of participants indicated flexibility as the reason for using virtualization while 33.3% indicated hardware savings as a reason for using the technology.
•The number one stated goal with regards to virtual infrastructure was Cost Savings (64.7%) followed by Deployment Control specifically controlling virtual sprawl.
•70.7% preferred tools that managed all infrastructure rather than point solutions that were virtualization specific.
•The vast number of virtualization users don’t utilize automation. In managing virtual environments only 39.3% of virtualization automate the starting and stopping of virtual machines based on operational conditions.
•73.3% have not made a decision on their virtualization management solution.
•25.8% indicated they would be deploying hosted data services.
•50.8% indicated they used no specific management tools for cloud computing and 33.3% indicated using tools provided by their hosting provider.
•Security was the number one concern for cloud computing followed by management and monitoring.
The complete Zenoss 2010 Virtualization and Cloud Computing Survey is available at: