VMware Fusion 5 Adds Integration for Windows 8, Mountain Lion

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The usability of Microsoft Windows running on the power of a Mac: That’s the underlying point of virtualization provider VMware’s Fusion solution. And on Thursday, the company unveiled the latest edition of the software, aligning its potential towards the latest version of OS X and the still unreleased Windows 8 operating system.

Known as Fusion 5, the platform is set to unleash a number of new features including the ability for users to search through Windows programs in OS X Mountain Lion’s Launchpad. Users can also run the desktop Windows environment for upcoming Microsoft Windows 8 systems such including the standard, enterprise and pro versions.

“While the number of users adopting Macs continue to rise, the business environment is still dominated by Windows,” emphasized VMware director for person products Jason Joel in a press release. Joel also said the move expands on the company’s “award-winning platform” and provides “new capabilities that are in demand among both individual and professional users.”

Meanwhile, users are expected to find a faster speed when using the latest version of Fusion. VMware contends that the platform is 40% faster. Another important addition is support for the Macbook Pro Retina, a release unveiled by Apple at WWDC in June.

In addition to a standard edition ($49.99), VMware launched a Pro version as well that allows for the creation of restricted virtual machines (Price is set at $99.99). VMware isn’t the only company to support Windows and Macintosh integration. Technology provider Parallels offers its own Desktop solution.