Vocalcom Break Boundaries, Bringing New Contact Center Software Apps to Engage with Customers on Mobile Devices

Vocalcom Break Boundaries, Bringing New Contact Center Software Apps to Engage with Customers on Mobile Devices(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – In today’s mobile world, the ability to respond to mobile customers’ preferences creates sustainable competitive advantage. Vocalcom, world leader in contact center software solutions, is announcing today that it has partnered with TapCrowd, an innovative mobile apps platform, to power intuitive mobile customer experiences and enhance the effectiveness of every interaction on mobile devices.

Smartphones and tablets are rapidly changing the behavior of consumers. Vocalcom Mobile offers business users a complete set of features to connect with customers on their mobile devices. Including, a cloud-based drag-and-drop app builder and integrated contact center capabilities – enabling budget-conscious businesses to quickly build modern mobile apps at a fraction of the cost. The Mobile Customer Engagement Revolution Starts Here.

Customer Experience is the new differentiator for enterprises, brands and retailers. Highly successful companies listen to their customers and provide a personalized mobile customer experience. The Customer is King (again), and today’s Customer has changed: always connected, with a smartphone in one hand, and a briefcase or coffee in the other. Calling, texting, posting, sharing, reading. The number of always-connected consumers is growing, in fact it’s – exploding.

Vocalcom Mobile is a complete self-service mobile customer engagement platform, integrated with the Vocalcom contact center software. Vocalcom Mobile lets businesses craft their own apps with no technical skills required. Vocalcom want to make it easy to build mobile apps with deep contact center integration – that includes, visual IVR, WebRTC for face-to-face interactions, real-time contextual routing, big data, real-time profiling and targeting, analytics and instant campaign scripting.

Several business tools are also available, such as an appointment scheduler; Passbook Coupons; and GPS tracking for strategic location-based marketing; Contact Features, which includes one-touch calling, QR code and website integration.

Vocalcom offers an end-to-end omni-channel mobile customer engagement platform, bridging the gap between the mobile consumer and the contact center agent. Businesses can expect easily measurable and quantifiable return on investment, as well as reputational or brand-enhancement benefits, from expanding contact center access to mobile devices. The good news is that early adopters who embrace this powerful new channel will have a compelling competitive advantage that dramatically differentiates their brand in the market.

With the number of general mobile devices and tablets having already surpassed the number of laptop and PC users, providing customers with mobile access into sales, service and support will be an essential part of doing business. Mobile device applications are profoundly affecting the way customers want to interact with businesses. Coupling mobile devices with sophisticated mobile apps creates a rich array of contextual data, giving businesses unique opportunities to simultaneously radically improve contact center performance and dramatically enhance the customer experience.

The Contact Center of today has to understand the mobile consumer of today. At the same time, the Contact Center has to understand the needs of the marketer of today, a customer-centric marketer with an omni-channel approach. Only that way, companies will get a return of the consumer. That return can be loyalty, recognition, advocacy and more sales. Vocalcom has well understood this message from the marketer and the consumer. The marketer needs to have the technology at his fingertips to instantly launch targeted and personalized marketing campaigns and to provide efficient intuitive customer service.

By empowering agents with rich contextual data provided by smartphone and mobile devices and actionable, real-time customer information, Vocalcom creates the opportunity to differentiate customer journeys and dramatically enhance sales effectiveness and customer experiences.

Consumer behaviour is rapidly changing, and companies cannot afford to get left behind. It is now imperative that firms have a road map for the future, for modern, mobile customer engagement. Vocalcom wants to manage the entire customer engagement journey says Anthony Dinis, CEO of Vocalcom. “Self-service features, the contact center, social and mobile have never been intimately connected. We change that today. Not only for customer service but also for marketing automation and sales. We even wonder if we should make a difference. The Contact Center will become the Engagement Center. We will dramatically reduce handling times and improve the customer experience.“

TapCrowd is really excited about this development says Niko Nelissen, CEO of TapCrowd. Mobile is a huge part of everyday life, more and more companies use mobile apps to stay engaged with customers. Now the apps become the omni-channel link to the consumer. Personal, relevant, context-aware and direct.

“The magic that makes it all happen is big data,” explains Niko Nelissen. In order to really understand your customers, you need to capture their behavior, their context, their activities and turn that into real-time actionable insights for the contact center.

For example: imagine you want to buy a new car. With Vocalcom Mobile, car brands can publish interactive mobile apps to promote their brand. The app will automatically learn the interest of the user and invite him for a test drive at the right place and time, e.g. when the user is close to a dealer. At any point in time, the user can use the app to chat and ask technical questions. Or he can press a single button to talk to a specialist. No IVR, no hassle, only great customer experience.

After buying the car, the app serves as a personal assistant. E.g. when the user has a car accident, he can use the app to take a picture and instantly send it to the contact center. The agent automatically receives the location of the user and distance to the closest service center, so can immediately call back with an accurate waiting time for the tow truck to arrive.

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Vocalcom is a leading provider of customer contact center software solutions, bringing the power of exciting new mobile engagement capabilities to thousands of customers worldwide. With over 3,500 customers in 47 countries, Vocalcom orchestrates more than 10 billion customer interactions every year. Vocalcom Mobile Engagement solutions create a distinct competitive advantage by powering optimal mobile customer experiences, with unmatched speed, simplicity and manageability.

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