VPS Hosting for 1 Penny

I subscribe to many website hosting newsletters, Google alerts, and have a pretty decent amount of hosted accounts and domains at various web hosts that I have tried out over the years. So it is that I receive a nearly continuous stream of web hosting and domain-related special offers.

Most of the special offers that I come across aren’t really all that special – for instance, getting free setup on a standard shared hosting account doesn’t strike me as a particularly interesting deal. Over the past couple of days I have received offers from two companies that I thought I would point out. The two companies are a bit different, but their offers are interesting – and also for different reasons.

The first offer was in the form of an email from UK website hosting company 34SP.com. The offer is a pretty compelling proposition: VPS hosting for just 1 penny for the first month with no setup fees or minimum comittment – this is a limited time offer so check the website for details. The company is also known for providing great service and support for developers and designers – in other words, website professionals.

This is a full scale VPS account – not a stripped down account for promotional purposes. You can view details of the VPS offer here. Here’s a bit of the text from the email offer: ”To conclude the year of 2008 and kick off the New Year with a bang, 34SP.com has listened to your requests and we are therefore offering you a great chance to try our latest product offering: Virtual Private Server Hosting. Virtual servers permit quick scaling and testing of online applications and can host unlimited websites. They can be supplied with the Plesk interface installed, and you have full root access to both the server and Plesk. Alternatively, you can have a plain VPS without any control panel software for maximum flexibility. Often a virtual server can do everything that a dedicated server can do for a fraction of the cost, and the upgrade path to a full server is very simple with no downtime.”

Go Daddy
is the other company that sent me an email with a ‘Holiday Savings’ deal. It was a bit more graphical and featured Go Daddy spokesperson and IndyCar Series star, Danica Patrick. The deal is to save 12 percent off of any Go Daddy product (if I am reading the offer correctly). There are no minimums to this offer either. So you simply enter the offer code: gdp1230ab into the promo box on the order form between now and December 31, 2008 to save. Not an incredible offer, but a decent savings if you are going to order something anyway.

There is also a great new article that includes Go Daddy in the Wall Street Journal entitled, ”Where Stunts and Strategy Collide”. It’s a quick and entertaining read and gives an overview of Go Daddy’s recent Super Bowl advertising activities.

I hope that these two offers help you save some money during this Holiday Season. Best wishes for a happy holiday and a prosperous New Year from PingZine.

This content was written by Derek Vaughan exclusively for PingZine.