VPSLAND.com Attributes Strong Growth in Cloud VPS to its OnApp Cloud platform

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – VPSLAND.com has deployed more than 1,000 Virtual Private Servers (VPS) for customers on its new OnApp Cloud platform, the company announced today. Based in the US, VPSLAND.com provides VPS hosting worldwide, with particularly strengths in the US, UK and Brazil, and in services for entrepreneurs, developers and other business customers. VPSLAND.com launched a new range of cloud VPS services in mid-2011, powered by OnApp Cloud software, and attributes its rapid growth to the flexibility, stability and ease of use of the OnApp platform.

Using OnApp Cloud, VPSLAND.com has built a range of configurable VPS hosting services that combine the simplicity of traditional VPS with the resilience and scalability of a cloud hosting service. To mark the 1,000th VPS machine deployed with OnApp Cloud, VPSLAND.com is offering a lifetime 25% recurring discount on any of its OnApp-powered VPS hosting plan. Further details are available at http://www.vpsland.com/onapp.

Jeff Moncrief, President at VPSLAND.com, comments: “Customers keep telling me how impressed they are with the flexibility of our cloud VPS services. Flexibility is high priority for our SME and developer customers around the world – they want VPS machines that are quick to deploy and easy to scale, so they can get on with business instead of worrying about the technology. Using OnApp Cloud we can offer them a wide range of easy-to-deploy VPS templates and get them up and running instantly, with no fuss.”

Moncrief adds that reliability of the OnApp Cloud platform has also had a positive impact on his business. “Customer support tickets are the lowest they have ever been, which is a really big deal for us: we spend less time managing problems and more time exceeding customer expectations,” he says. “With OnApp I have a system where I can set it and forget it, so I have more time to work on other areas of the business.”

In the coming months, VPSLAND.com plans to upgrade to the latest version of OnApp Cloud, version 2.3, and introduce OnApp’s rebrandable smartphone apps to its customers. OnApp’s cloud management apps for iPhone, iPad and Android enable hosting providers and their customers to deploy and manage cloud services remotely. With the latest version for iPhone and iPad, VPSLAND.com will be able to customise the app and offer a complete VPSLAND-branded cloud VPS management tool.

For more information on Onapp, visit: http://onapp.com/