Wal-Mart Outs PS4 Release Date for November?

Wal-Mart Outs PS4 Release Date for November?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  While Sony hasn’t confirmed anything just yet, all signs point to a November PS4 release date.

According to a report from PlayStationLifeStyle.net, Wal-Mart’s product page for the console said this under the item description: “The PS4 console will ship free on release date this November.”

However, when we visited the same product page, it appeared that the text had changed. “This November” was instead replaced with “this holiday.”

A November release date now appears all but a sure thing. Just last week via its PlayStation Twitter account, Sony shared a picture showing a total solar eclipse and words reading, “When worlds collide.” Interestingly enough, a total solar eclipse is set to occur at the beginning of November.