Warren: Any data-center tax breaks need accountability

A Nevada-based multibillion-dollar company wants to take over the Steelcase pyramid in Grand Rapids and develop a data center. The company, Switch, promises 1,000 well-paying jobs over the course of its development, as well as a $5 billion investment in our state.

There’s a catch.

The firm won’t come to Michigan unless our Legislature carves out significant tax exemptions by the end of this year. To locate here, Switch is looking for a complete exemption from sales, use and personal property taxes. While passing this legislation wouldn’t necessarily bind us to future payments, these tax exemptions would shortchange our School Aid Fund, General Fund and funds that our local communities rely on.

Both sides of the aisle want to attract this kind of industry to our state. But rushing legislation to meet corporate demands without accountability measures or a proper fiscal analysis is foolish.

Source: Warren: Any data-center tax breaks need accountability