Wave Breakers – Ship Simulator announced

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Today the game publisher astragon Entertainment and developer Fragment Production announced the upcoming game Wave Breakers – Ship Simulator, a frothy mix of racing game and simulation that features a very special feel behind the wheel. Wave Breakers – Ship Simulator is the perfect game for anyone who has ever dreamt of running riot through the canals of Venice or gliding across the radiant blue waters of the sunny Caribbean.

From a choice of different characters, the player chooses an avatar with which he / she will prove himself while racing to the top at breakneck speed. The player has to master a variety of challenges, from classic races against the clock to heart-stopping high-speed chases, in order to become a racing champion. The free play mode and diverse missions in five highly varied scenarios will give the player a chance to catch his breath.

The different areas in the game challenge the player with their individual characteristics. For example, beautiful Venice provides a challenging urban course that will thrill future skippers, who will undoubtedly also enjoy the different times of day and weather conditions in the game. As the game progresses, the player will unlock and master more and more aquatic vehicles of different types. From the beginning, each vehicle has its own strengths, and the player will be able to upgrade vehicles individually.

It is essential to create the optimal vehicle for every challenge and constantly make use of different kinds of vehicles in order to master the most difficult races and missions. The boats handle as authentically as possible on the water—this is where simulation fans really get their money’s worth.

If that is not enough, players can test their prowess on the water with their friends in the multiplayer mode, and save the wildest races to share with others.

Wave Breakers – Ship Simulator is scheduled for release in spring 2016 for iOS and Android.

About Fragment Production Ltd.

Fragment Production Ltd. is an independent developer of high-quality strategy games, headquartered in Tampere, Finland. The company was founded in early 2012 by industry veterans and the team includes developers who have previously worked on hit titles such as Cities in Motion series, Angry Birds, Star Wars: Clone Wars, SimCity BuildIt and Ridge Racer Unbounded.