WeArVR Smashes 150,000 Virtual Reality Download Milestone

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – At this year’s Consumer Electronics Show Oculus called 2015 the year of VR. If the latest download figures from virtual reality store WeArVR are anything to go by, then the year of virtual reality has started with a bang. This week WeArVR revealed that over 150,000 games have now been downloaded from the virtual reality store. The six figure number was reached when Couch Knights was downloaded for the 2,710th time on Sunday.

WeArVR was launched in July last year and has seen a huge surge of activity as public and developer interest in virtual reality increases. Back in July Oculus announced that more than over 100,000 Rift developer kits had been sold and December saw Samsung’s Gear VR go on sale to the public before selling out.

WeArVR hosts and provides access to over 600 virtual reality applications for use on devices including Oculus Rift, Google Cardboard, Durovis Dive, and Samsung’s Gear VR. Data from the store shows that Oculus Rift is by far the most popular device for WeArVR users and In Paris is the most downloaded experience – In Paris is a collection of 360 degrees views and experiences taken during a day in Paris, including a roller coaster, gallery visit, and, of course, a visit to the Eiffel Tower.

As well as providing access to hundreds of games, WeArVR features architecture simulations, music applications and horror experiences, among a growing list of 24 genres. The three most popular game genres on are Exploration, Simulation, and Thrill Rides.

Delving deeper into the data, shows Sunday to be the most popular day for visits, and that when they arrive users like to get as much as they can, with 35% of downloaders picking up five or more games at a time.

Co-founder of WeArVR, Nic Mitham said: “The high number of downloads is fantastic news and a testament of the enthusiasm people have for virtual reality. We’re also pleased by the positive response we’ve had from users, with the majority of new users hearing about WeArVR by word of mouth through online forums and sites like Reddit.

“As well as hosting virtual reality games we also provide links to games and applications available on other sites. So far we’ve referred more than 20,000 visitors to other virtual reality sites, which is great news for the virtual reality industry as a whole, especially as many of the developers are hobbyists and small teams in need of exposure.

“Before Christmas we added new sections to WeArVR for demos, early stage alpha releases and games seeking finance through crowdfunding. This year we will add new community features and enhanced search functionality. We will also brace ourselves for the wave of new headsets and virtual reality experiences that we expect to make 2015 the year of VR. We’re expecting growth rates to escalate and estimate that we should reach over one million downloads by the middle of the year. At the moment WeArVR averages 25,000 downloads a month!”

Developers eager to get their game featured on WeArVR are asked to email details to [email protected].

Key Numbers
·         Downloads to date: 150,000
·         Games available on WeArVR: 643
·         Referrals to other sites: 20,000
·         35% of downloaders download five games
·         Most downloaded game – In Paris: 4,196 downloads
·         Busiest day for downloads: Sunday
·         51% are under 34 years of age

Five Most Downloaded Games
1.    In Paris
2.    Helix – The Next Level
3.    11:57
4.    Couch Knights
5.    Fairy Forest DK2

Most Popular Genres
1.    Exploration
2.    Simulators
3.    Thrill Rides
4.    Action
5.    Space

About WeArVR
WeArVR is an online store featuring over 600 games and applications designed to be experienced with a virtual reality headset. The site features applications for all the major headset developers, including Oculus, Samsung and Google.

WeArVR is a joint venture between Dubit and KZero. Dubit works with children’s entertainment brands to research, build, and launch new digital experiences and Kzero is a consulting firm specialising in virtual worlds, virtual goods and virtual reality.