Web-App Simplifies Text Work For Lawyers SMASHDOCs Manages All Versions in One Document

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – SMASHDOCs is a web app designed specifically to help legal teams write and review documents. The app makes it possible for law firms as well as clients to write, correct and comment together on complex documents such as briefs or contracts, without always having to re-save each new version. The software was developed by smartwork solutions GmbH.

SMASHDOCs Simplifies Teamwork on Complex Documents
Whether for a lawyer in a firm or in a business, a judge or a notary, legal work consists predominantly of writing extensive and complex documents, which then require approval from colleagues, management and clients. Every step and change in a document must be recorded precisely and shown as clearly as possible. These rounds of approval usually take up a lot of time, and demand expert attention as well as communication across various levels.

Apart from complex legal cases, even routine large contracts require a high degree of coordination. This is how Christian Marchsreiter, the founder and CEO of smartwork solutions GmbH describes what triggered his idea for SMASHDOCs: “We had a 58-page contract for our new office. The document went back and forth between our lawyers, ourselves and our landlord. Each time we got it back, there were new main versions and revised versions, always with new suggestions. Eventually it just turned into chaos!”

Audit-proof Change Logs, Extensive Rights Management
SMASHDOCs is a novel web app that can easily be used in cloud, or just as easily installed on the company’s own server. As opposed to established data or web solutions, SMASHDOCs does not generate a new version of the entire document each time a change is made, it simply changes the edited paragraph. Each user can thus see who made which change proposal when with a simple click, as well as which modification was accepted or rejected by whom. A SMASHDOC thereby contains the complete and secure history of a document’s creation, enormously simplifying lawyers’ daily work.

SMASHDOCs also knows when a user has not yet seen certain change proposals and decisions, highlighting this automatically. This makes time-consuming comparisons of document versions and proof-reading unnecessary. Flagging also occurs while several users are working on a document simultaneously, making approval and negotiation processes considerably easier and faster. Everyone working on the document has a constant overview of what is being done and can immediately see any new changes and comments.
Furthermore, SMASHDOCs has an extensive rights management with different roles, some for associates, junior or senior partners. It can therefore be decided, e.g., that while some users can make change proposals, they cannot make the final decision about the changes.

The First Version is Free, Get The Pro-Version Later
SMASHDOCs comes free of charge for all users with the initial betaphase. The pro-version with additional features will be available with a fee of US $ 10 per user per month as of mid 2015.

With SMASHDOCs, smartwork solutions GmbH has developed a web app that enables quick and simple document review within and between companies. SMASHDOCs saves all changes in one single document version, instead of several. The web app has a new technology for administrating and visualizing changes in documents. The document then automatically registers which changes in a document the user is already aware of, thus making it unnecessary to compare versions or proof-read.
SMASHDOCs can be used as a software as a service solution on smartwork solutions GmbH’s servers hosted in Germany, as well as private cloud or on-premise-installation in a company’s data centre. The API provides a simple integration in the existing web applications, the way, e.g., social intranets, content management or file sharing solutions are integrated. The company, with headquarters in Munich, was founded in 2013 and has secured a series A financing totalling several million euros. Read more here: www.smashdocs.net.