Web Browser Chrome Hits Android OS

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – If you’ve been using an Android-based mobile device, you’re probably used to accessing the web via an app icon simply titled “Browser.” Well, eventually that could change.

On Tuesday, Google launched the beta version of its popular internet browser for Android devices using Version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) of the OS.

Available via the Android Marketplace, Chrome for Android allows users to sync their Chrome browsers from their computers to their mobile devices, providing mobility for what Google calls the user’s “personalized web browsing experience.”

Other features of the platform include tabs that fit to screen sizes, the ability for Chrome to load pages as the user types (for faster browsing) and Incognito mode.

Android users had long wondered when Google would increase the availability of Chrome to mobile devices.

While Chrome for Android is now available, computer magazine PCWorld was quick to point out that out of all the mobile devices currently running Android, only one percent contained version 4.0 so far (data was made available through the Android Developers website).

Meanwhile, it remains to be seen if Chrome will eventually be made the default browser on Android-based devices. For more information regarding the matter, view a blog post by Google here (googleblog.blogspot.com).