Web Browsers: Who’s Winning This Round?

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Within the past year, browser usage has steadily shifted as more people have moved to using Google’s Chrome. Meanwhile, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer, highly notable for its popularity began to see its market share diminish even though it still remained #1.

However, the latest report from research firm NetApplications shows that Internet Explorer could be cutting its losses and picking up some traction.

Internet explorer accounted for 53.83% of browser usage during the month of March. That’s a slight increase of .99% as compared to what it accounted for last month. It’s also IE’s highest share since September of last year. Despite the increase, it still falls far lower than what the browser represented in May (standing at 57.15%).

Usage for Mozilla’s Firefox web browser remained steady at 20.55% while Google Chrome hauled in 18.57% of market. Placed behind the top three were Apple’s Safari (5.07%) and Opera (1.62%).

Meanwhile, Microsoft recently took to its Windows Internet Explorer blog, discussing progress that its latest version of Explorer (version 9) made with Windows 7. “This month in the US nearly 50% of Windows 7 users are experiencing the best the web has to offer with IE9,” commented Microsoft Director of Marketing for Windows Internet Explorer Roger Capriotti. For more information regarding the statistics from NetApplications, go here (netapplications.com).