Web HSP Adds Custom VPS with Enhanced IP

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Web HSP management announced early Friday, highly-customizable, dedicated VPS hosting plans for small businesses that don’t have large budgets for hosting their company websites, managing data, and email. At Web HSP, they have experienced professional system administrators and support engineers who are fluent in managing Linux VPS servers & running Apache Web Servers. Their hosting consultants provide customers with a recommended Linux, Apache, MySQL & PHP (LAMP) server designed to meet the use and performance demands of websites and applications.

Spokesperson from Web HSP, Doug Davis explained, “We are excited to launch our new VPS plans to assist our clients protecting their hosting accounts. Security and performance are our primary goals at Web HSP”

The VPS plans offered by Web HSP are complete cloud hosting solutions and they are ideal bridge between their shared hosting and dedicated server plans. VPS hosting has been the ideal platform for web hosts since it allows them to service a larger number of clients with less hardware. This is a great solution for the environment since it requires less energy and is secured compare to traditional shared hosting accounts. VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’ and is a method of partitioning a server so that each partition is allowed to act as a virtual dedicated server. Each VPS instance runs its own operating system, has its own bandwidth, disk space and can be individually rebooted. VPS Hosting gives customers more independence than shared hosting services at lower costs than a physical dedicated server.javascript:void(0);

Web HSP was established over a decade ago by a group of extremely talented software professionals. Their primary objective has always been to provide web hosting and other associated services at highly competitive and attractive rates. Since 2001, Web HSP has won many prestigious awards establishing it as a leader in the industry. Extensive reviews on Web HSP and have termed the organization as one of the best and the most trusted service providers of this industry, the organization has also been successful in maintaining an impeccable track record of 99.99% up-time average. To learn more visit http://webhsp.com/