WebEOC Receives FEMA Approval to Operate in the Amazon Cloud

WebEOC Receives FEMA Approval to Operate in the Amazon Cloud(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The Department of Homeland Security and the Federal Emergency Management Agency have approved the use of WebEOC in the Amazon Cloud.

WebEOC, the incident management software used by FEMA for the last 20 months, received the Software System Certification & Accreditation approval and authorization to operate in the Amazon Cloud, enabling a transparent exchange of critical data during times of emergency response and recovery.

As the nation’s largest crisis management organization, FEMA receives large amounts of data in a variety of formats, from a multitude of sources. The Amazon Cloud provides a central and secure place for information gathering.

Through the award of this certification, WebEOC has been recognized as a solution that is secure to operate within one of the federal government’s main operating clouds.

“FEMA’s decision to move the use of WebEOC to the Amazon Cloud provides the agency with the ability to broaden is use of WebEOC,” said Intermedix President and CEO Doug Shamon. “Intermedix worked closely with FEMA to ensure the secure use of WebEOC, while broadening its capabilities in the cloud environment.”

In August, 2012 FEMA selected WebEOC to support response recovery missions. WebEOC was first tested by FEMA during Hurricane Isaac, and most recently during Hurricane Sandy when massive amounts of data were being shared by emergency support agencies.

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