WebHS Implements SpamExperts Incoming Filtering and Joins Hosting Partner Program

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Portuguese web hosting company WebHS purchased SpamExperts Incoming Filtering deployed in the Local Cloud to use their own resources and servers to decrease the response time in their internal network. The company has been using SpamExperts for all their shared hosting servers, as well as for customers who need filtering on their dedicated services. WebHS is currently using the Incoming Filtering solution for 5,000 domains and plan on increasing the number of domains in the future.

 “Before SpamExperts we used a solution from a competitor. This solution worked as expected, but it had some limitations, including the fact that it couldn’t be managed centrally and it used a high amount of server resources. We started searching for a new solution with less impact, which would allow us to manage it centrally. In addition, we needed a more efficient user-friendly system for our final customers. SpamExperts provides the best solution which fully fulfills these requirements,” explained Miguel Costa, WebHS CEO.

The implementation of the Incoming Filter proved to be a significant upgrade as it removes the entire load exerted by spam floods on their servers, thus increasing the performance of all their services. The fact that this solution requires zero maintenance, allows the tech team to work on other solutions and on improving their services.

SpamExperts email filtering solutions enable web hosting providers to safeguard their customers’ inboxes from spam and viruses (incoming filter) and protect their IP reputation (outgoing filter)“, said Sam Renkema, SpamExperts CEO. “The partnership with WebHS is very important to us as it helps expand our customer base in Portugal, allowing end clients in this country to benefit from our solution for cost-effective, easy to manage email security services.

A full list of SpamExperts Hosting Partners in Europe can be found here.

About WebHS

The WebHS® brand, created by the company WebSP Ltd, emerged in 2002 for online marketing services for content hosting in a shared environment and / or dedicated domain registration and professional backup solutions. They now offer a wide variety of web hosting services based on shared, dedicated and cloud environments, as well as provide registering of various TLDs, ccTLDs and SSL certificates

For more information, please visit their website.

About SpamExperts

SpamExperts solutions are tailored to (shared) webhosts, ISPS/Telcos and large organizations, as well as distributors and resellers. They offer inbound & outbound email filtering services, as well as email archiving. The services can run either within the redundant SpamExperts Hosted Cloud or on a Local Cloud directly deployed on the customer’s (virtual) hardware.

For more info, please visit www.spamexperts.com