Webhuset Launches CM4all Sites in Norway

Webhuset Launches CM4all Sites in Norway(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Content Management AG (CM-AG), a leading provider of web-based applications and value-added services, is proud to announce that Webhuset has successfully launched a Norwegian-language version of CM4all Sites. Webhuset markets the new product under the name Web Site Builder for 199 Norwegian krone per month, including hosting and domain name. Founded in 1998 and headquartered in Bergen, Webhuset is one of the leading hosting providers in Norway today and operates two proprietary data centers across the country.

“Based on its unrivaled usability, CM4all Sites is the optimal tool for our existing and prospective customers who want to create and manage professional desktop and mobile websites with ease and without requiring any programming knowledge. And thanks to CM-AG, they can do that in their native language,” explains Erik Olsen, CEO at Webhuset.

Based on CM-AG’s powerful content management core, mobile websites can be created for iOS and Android smart phones directly within CM4all Sites. A well-structured menu allows users to precisely define which parts of the existing content they want to adopt and whether they want to add a mobile start page. When activated, CM4all Sites automatically publishes the mobile website and the desktop version simultaneously.

CM4all Sites delivers numerous additional innovations, including an instant setup page, an enhanced WYSIWYG editor, and a comprehensive file browser with an interactive drop zone. Thanks to CM4all’s new widget technology, users at all levels can integrate sophisticated features into their websites ranging from contact forms through photo galleries to social media connectivity with Facebook®, Twitter® and Google+™. Additionally, CM4all Sites is designed with an open widget API. Combined with the new Widget Developer Network, this enables the integration of third-party services and allows for continuous development of widgets by CM-AG, OEM partners, and external software engineers.

“We are excited to see our new OEM partner Webhuset introducing our premium site building solution to the Norwegian market and thereby completing our business footprint in the Scandinavian countries,” says Robert Schovenberg, CEO of Content Management AG.

As is standard with all CM4all products, the user interface of CM4all Sites was adapted to Webhuset’s corporate design. CM-AG safeguards the software’s availability with 24/7 support and continuously updates both the operating system and the software application.