Website Elements that Can Help Boost Sales

Website Elements that Can Help Boost Sales(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – With our posts about Web apps yesterday, it is clear that there are many, many options for business owners to include on their website. Since you obviously would not want to overload the page with a bunch of things, we wanted to take some time to discuss the basic elements that could help drive sales the most. Of course, this will vary based on the type of business you operate, but for the most part should be applicable.

Contact Form – Your website receives many visitors per day, and each one of those visitors could be a potential sales lead. By incorporating a contact form on your website, give your visitors the chance to fill in their information. If they willingly submit their email address to receive future messages, for example, you have made the first step in a successful e-mail marketing plan.

Live Chat – Many visitors might be coming to your website looking for answers. Whether it is a question about your business, a specific product, or general industry information, you want to be able to meet the needs of your potential customers. A live chat widget on the website provides an immediate channel to communicate with your website visitors. By resolving their issues while they are still on the site, they may be inclined to stay on the page and buy something.

Social Media – One of the best ways to grow your website’s audience is to encourage sharing. By incorporating share buttons on your website, you provide an easy way for users to share your content with their network on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Additionally, by incorporating your own social media feeds onto your website, you can keep your website audience up to date on your social activity.

Video – A great way to showcase your business and its specific products or services is with a video. By hosting a video on your website, you can demonstrate your value to potential customers in an interesting and eye-catching way. High quality photographs and descriptive captions certainly help, but a video demonstration of your product, for example, could be the convincing factor for a customer’s purchase.

Comments – Especially useful if you manage a company blog, add functionality to your website that allows users to leave comments. This feedback can not only be useful to you because it may provide insight into what your customers are thinking, but your visitors will appreciate the opportunity to start a discussion.

These elements can be essential for a business website in any industry. Of course, as you delve more specifically into a business’s needs, there are many more useful and beneficial tools.

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