Website Hosting Featured at PubCon

It’s great to see related industries that support web hosting. So it is this coming week with WebmasterWorld’s Search and Internet Marketing Conference to be held at the Las Vegas Convention Center from November 11-14. The conference has the shortened name of PubCon – referring back to the days when most of the networking was actually done in a pub. The conference was founded and is organized by my friend Brett Tabke, and is well worth attending of you are in the Internet business.

PubCon showcases experts who discuss what it takes to succeed as a webmaster. The main topics of the event are search engine optimization (pretty much every search engine and all the major search experts show up), search marketing, social media marketing, affiliate marketing, and how to gain traffic at a website and then monetize it. Pretty much what you need to know to have a website and earn money form it.

There are many reasons to attend the show, and also some speakers that don’t appear live very often. On of those is the keynote speaker who is the creator of one of the most effective and ROI positive viral marketing campaigns of all time, George Wright, VP of Marketing with Blendtec and creator of the ‘Will It Blend’ video series. You can see his creative videos here. This guy took like $50 and turned it into an innovative YouTube marketing effort that gets millions of views every time he releases a new video. That’s marketing genius.

On the hosting front, there will be a web hosting panel consisting of Ben Fisher, Vice President with TechPad Agency, Amy Armitage, Director of Business Development with Lunarpages Web Hosting, and Curtis R. Curtis, Senior Vice President with Superb Internet. Other hosting-related businesses participating in PubCon are: SmarterTools, an information technology (IT) management software company that builds applications to simplify and automate the day-to-day operations of hosting businesses. iNetU, a managed dedicated server company will have a display booth at PubCon, as will domain registrar and hosting provider, Additionally, will participate in the show, featuring its customized monetization solutions for different types of publishers including search portals, toolbars, online directories, domain parking, blogs, URL errors, desktop applications and content websites. The brand is owned by hosting giant,

Should you attend? Founder and principal with UK hosting company, Daniel Foster, advises on the impact of PubCon, ”In our very competitive industry, one needs all the information and expertise available to succeed. PubCon offers a great opportunity to learn from search experts and webmasters that are truly succeeding – as well as offer the chance to meet and speak directly with these experts at the networking events.”

The founder of PubCon, Brett Tabke, gives additional reasons to attend, ”Real world actionable information is what PubCon is best known for – it is our brand. From turnkey shared hosting to cloud computing centers, there will be an expert in the field to talk about each sector. Whatever the issue is that a professional faces, there is an answer and solution here for them.”

To learn more about PubCon or to sign up visit: Also be sure to look for PubCon London in July of 2009 as well. If you are involved in web hosting, websites or webmastery in Europe – it will be a must-attend event in 2009.

This content was written by Derek Vaughan exclusively for PingZine.