Welcome iPhone 5S – The Days Of Purchasing The Older iPhone Models May Soon End

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Sources are speculating that the Apple iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 could lead the current iPhone 5 and older models into being discontinued. According to ETNews.com, once Apple launches the lower cost device, the company will no longer produce the iPhone 5.

Reports also say that Apple will be discontinuing older models such as the iPhone 4S because it is not suitable for producing the phones at such a low volume.

The new iPhone 5S is expected to begin production very soon.

Rumors also say that Apple has decided to push back the scheduled Fall release date of the iPhone 5S due to the company making late design changes. According to a Bloomberg report, Apple has decided to enlarge the display to 4.3 inches, which has caused delays in production. It is now expected that Apple will release the device late this year.