What Do Customers Expect From Your Mobile Website?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – As a business owner, have you ever checked what your website looks like from a mobile device? By now it is hard to ignore the increasing trend of customers browsing the internet using devices such as smartphones and tablet computers. Unfortunately, websites that look perfect on a desktop computer might not look as clean or functional on these gadgets. The size may render in an unreadable way, or special elements such as flash animations may fail to load entirely. It is important to test every aspect of your company’s website on every device you can, to ensure that all segments of your audience are seeing the correct design and information.

In addition to simply having the website able to be loaded properly, you should research your audience to understand what they actually expect from your mobile website. This could range depending on the type of customers you target, but it is important information to learn.

Simplified Navigation: We have already addressed the expectation that your website should even work from mobile, so the next logical step is to make sure your users can navigate the site. Many websites might not recognize the need to change a working site to be easier to use on a cell phone or tablet. However, links that are easy to click using a mouse are more frustrating to click with a fingertip. If your mobile visitor becomes frustrated by not being able to accurately navigate the site, they will leave.

Ease of Finding Information: Many visitors to your website coming from mobile devices are likely looking for specific information. Your mobile website should include information such as address, contact information, hours of operation, and anything else that a customer on the go would need to find quickly.

Ease of Purchase: Going hand-in-hand with a simple navigation, consumers on mobile devices are looking for websites that allows for easy purchase of products. By having a specially-optimized website, you can encourage customers to keep coming back for more business.

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/tomml

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