What Types of New TLDs Are Being Released?

What Types of New TLDs Are Being Released?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – With the introduction of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) later this year, the internet will have many new domain possibilities, which can be divided into four larger groups. Next to generic TLDs, there will be geographic TLDs, domains for different communities, and domains that can be used for special brands and organizations. With new TLDs, you can find new domains for your project or company that can easily be recognized.

    • Generic TLDs: These domains can be registered by everyone and do not have any restrictions. Domains like .mail, .blog or .shop belong to this category. Customers that are interested in finding information about your business can be easily directed to the page that fits their request. For example, a shop owner that sells local wines could register the domain local-wines.shop. It is also possible to use the new generic TLDs to create a direct link between your company and the industry you work in. For example, the domains company.music and company.film could be interesting for companies working in those industries.
    • Geographic TLDs: Local shops, restaurants, or cultural organizations could use these domains to attract more people interested in their activities. The names of bigger cities or regions can easily be added to the name of their business. TLDs like .nyc, .miami or .boston should be available in the future. Tourism companies could use these TLDs to allow easy access to information for people interested in visiting these cities. This doesn’t only work with domains in the US, but also internationally, were domains like .madrid, .london or .tokyo will be available for registration as well.
    • Community TLDs: Next to generic and geographic TLDs, there will also be community domains. These include names for religious communities such as .mormon, .catholic, or .islam. These are supposed to be used for communities which already have a lot of awareness to provide an appropriate platform on the internet.
    • Brand TLDs: Branded domains are not available for everyone, but only supposed to be used by the business that uses the brand. Domains like .mcdonalds, .canon, or .google can therefore be used for special campaigns or different product groups within those companies. With these domains, companies could create an easily memorable internet address, which could be used on posters or merchandising articles.

These new TLDs offer a lot of different possibilities to register your own, easy-to-remember domain. In the past, there wasn’t always the chance to get a short, easy domain; but with the new TLDs this is going to be possible. With 1&1, you can already pre-reserve your new domain now by visiting www.1and1.com/ntld-check.

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