Where Do Users Go When Clicking Your Ad?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Online marketing is an area of business that continues to see exponential growth. With more and more users accessing the internet in different ways, the ROI for online advertisements has enormous potential. If you have an online marketing plan for your business, you are already on the right track. While in the thick of strategizing, however, don’t underestimate the importance of your company’s landing page. In other words, you could do everything right with your advertising messages, but what happens when the customers click through to your site?

An exceptional online advertisement that leads to a dull or uninformative landing page is like inviting friends over to your house for a party and then not being home when they get there. You don’t want your potential customers to leave as soon as they get to your website. A proper landing page is perhaps the most important, and final, aspect of your online marketing plan.

To ensure that you won’t be turning away any visitors, keep the design and messaging on your website the same as the advertisement that the user clicked. If they get to the site and it looks like something completely different, they will bounce off the page. The same logo, the same product/service being offered, and the same call-to-action will keep your message consistent as they click through.

Another important question to ask about your landing page is: Does it work for every visitor? Many people may not realize that different Internet browsers respond differently to certain website code. A design that works great in Firefox may not look good in Internet Explorer, for example. The best way to be certain your visitors are viewing your landing page in the way it is meant to be viewed is to test the page yourself. Web browsers are free to download. You should load your Web page in each of the most popular browsers (Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari), and fix any bugs that may appear. To check if the page is being visited with any other Internet browsers, you could check the analytics for your site.

Just like with any other aspect of your website, creating a welcoming and informative environment for your potential customers will keep them coming back, and ideally generating more business for you.

Photo Credit: ©iStockphoto.com/marekuliasz

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