WHMCS Relaunches Reseller Program with On-Demand Licenses

WHMCS Relaunches Reseller Program with On-Demand Licenses(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – WHMCS, Ltd.,a Web Hosting billing software company, has announced that it is relaunching its Reseller Program with features that include on demand licenses, consolidated billing, and new automation tools to help Web Hosting providers enhance Reseller, VPS, and Dedicated Hosting.

In recent months, WHMCS has been making infrastructure changes that shape the Reseller Program to match the way Web Hosting providers resell their licenses. The most noteworthy change is on-demand license activation with a single billing date. These updates allow Web Hosting providers to easily market WHMCS software as features and up sells to their current customers, lower the barrier of entry, and integrate into existing systems for rapid deployment.

WHMCS software provides customers with the ability to automate sales, support, and billing. It has become an essential part of any Web Hosting company focused on Reseller, VPS, or Dedicated Hosting to provide clients with a complete solution that assists in automating their clients’ businesses.

The relaunch of the WHMCS Reseller Program includes a brand new API, WHMCS Reseller Module, WHMCS Authorized Reseller Logos, and Reseller Portal that enables license management, ordering, up sells, and account management.

Matthew Pugh of WHMCS says, “In understanding the reseller channel through our partnership with cPanel, we were able to adapt and change the reseller program into a model we believe will help hosting providers offer WHMCS to their clients.”


WHMCS, Ltd., a private company based in the UK, was established in 2005.  Since then, WHMCS has developed an all-in-one client management, billing, and support solution for online business in over 90 countries worldwide, supporting companies and their clients from signup to termination, with automated billing, provisioning, and management. WHMCS has been able to provide one of the most popular billing and support solution packages in web hosting through its partnership with several strategic partners, giving its customers the necessary products and services for end user success. For more information, please visit: http://www.whmcs.com/