WHOA.com selects Tintri Enterprise Cloud platform to replace NetApp, simplifies cloud services management

Next-generation, ISO 27001-certified secure cloud solutions provider WHOA.com has replaced NetApp storage solutions with Tintri to reduce operating costs and simplify its overall storage management. WHOA.com is building its public and private cloud services on the Tintri Enterprise Cloud platform for its customers and has deployed Tintri systems across its operations, placing one system in a development lab for work on a disaster recovery solution, and dedicating another to one of its major private cloud customers.

Tintri made it possible for WHOA.com to apply new automations, cut time spent managing storage-related work in half, and significantly reduce its data center footprint. Tintri’s central management console provides WHOA.com with greater visibility into the performance of individual applications. Co-founder and vice president of infrastructure at WHOA.com, Brock Mowry, states the level of performance detail was not available with NetApp’s management tools, and with performance statistics at the VM-level, it is much easier to troubleshoot any infrastructure issues.

Read the full post at Tintri to learn more on Tintri Enterprise Cloud and WHOA.com’s ISO 27001, PCI DSS certified, and HIPAA compliant cloud-enabled solutions.