Why Apple Moved on from Google Maps for iOS 6

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Apple had but little choice when moving on from Google in the area of map apps for iOS 6: That’s a point sources made in a recent report appearing on All Things D.

The issue boiled down to voice navigation which has been a cornerstone of the popular Google Map app appearing on Android devices. Voice navigation provides users with turn-by-turn directions, giving drivers the luxury of not having to look at device screens all too often.

That feature, however, was not part of Google Maps’ integration with older iOS versions. It was also something Apple not only wanted, but needed to have if the Cupertino-based company was to stay competitive in location-based services.

At the end of the day, a disagreement between the two tech titans saw Google refusing to license the voice service to its sometimes competitor.

The end result was a less than stellar iOS 6 map application that has generated considerable controversy with critics pointing to the fact that it misses the point on some data – leaving out towns, clouding satellite imagery and other flaws.

The new Apple map application makes use of data provided through GPS giant TomTom.

Google Chairman Eric Schmidt also that noted a Google application for iOS 6wouldn’t arrive “anytime soon.” However, it might not be all bad for iPhone users in the end. Apple, meanwhile, has insisted that improvements are on the way.