Why Are There New TLDs?

Why Are There New TLDs?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – There has been a lot of discussion about the new Top Level Domains (TLDs) coming out later this year. Despite all of the new options that are soon to become available to the domain marketplace, you might be wondering why these new names are coming out to begin with. In short, one of the key commitments for the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) is to promote competition in the domain name market. New TLDs will allow more of a choice for businesses and consumers around the world. In this article we will go over some more specific reasons why these new TLDs will benefit the internet community.

.com is getting too crowded. If you have recently purchased a new domain name for your business, you probably understand how difficult it can be to find something that is not only memorable and relevant to your business, but simply available at all.  The current domain namespace has become very crowded, with .com leading the way with over 100 million domain names. Thus there is very little “real estate” left to claim. This is rectified somewhat by other TLDs such as .org or .co being available, but those are becoming crowded as well. New TLDs will therefore open up thousands of opportunities for small and large businesses to claim new territory in the internet landscape.

You can more effectively define your brand. With more specific TLDs soon to be released, you can establish your Web presence with a domain that is more specific to your business. If you manage a hotel, for example, you could purchase a .hotel domain. If you run a tech business, you could buy a .tech domain, and so on. There will be many opportunities to customize a new domain name to the industry in which you operate, which can increase brand awareness and loyalty within your customer base.

There are now more specific geographic TLDs. Currently, there are country-code TLDs (ccTLDs) available, such as .ca for Canada or .mx for Mexico. This can be useful if you’re operating a business for an audience specific to those countries. However, soon domains will be able to become more specific, right down to the city or regional level. For example, if you manage an organization that benefits the city of Boston, you may soon be able to register your organization’s domain as “OrganizationName.boston.” Additionally, for businesses that provide local services and products, a city or regional TLD can better indicate to potential customers that the business is conveniently located. This can be seen more easily within a list of search results or within an email address.

The secondary market is competitive. Currently, if a user wants to purchase a short, but memorable domain name, and it is not available, a secondary market exists to purchase the name from the owner. Depending on your business it can be a worthwhile investment, but with the advent of many more TLDs on the horizon, there will be many more options for you to consider for your business beyond the already registered .com, .info, .net, etc. domain names. So while a business owner may still prefer to invest in a .com domain, they now have the ability to purchase the name they want under a new TLD to cut costs.

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