Why Choose a Linux Hosting Server

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Did u ever wonder why so many people are opting for Linux when it comes to website hosting? There are a few of the most important reasons to choose Linux hosting for your website.

Cost effectiveness: Cost cutting for online businesses is a must if you want to stay in competition. Being an open source operating system, it means there’s no license to purchase this software. Hence, Linux hosting is cost effective as compared to Windows server. If you want a combination of reliability and cost effectiveness then Linux web hosting solutions is a must.

Strong platform: Despite being effective in cost, there is no compromise on strength. It is one of the most flexible and efficient platforms to work. Linux is faster as it can load and run at least 40-50% faster than other servers. Besides, Linux is supported by many powerful and reliable tools and solutions like PHP, MYSQL and Perl. So, together they form an unmatched package that is cheap but heavy on functionality. It is also highly customizable, making it easy to add new functionalities as per your needs.

Security: It is a very stable operating system and it has proven itself again and again over time. In fact, web masters are literally partial to Linux when it comes to security. Also, it has the ability to be persistent for long periods with very meager to no downtime and does not need to be rebooted. Hence, uptime is more and stability is mature.

User friendly: Linux does not really belong to any entity. With a large number of computer enthusiasts that have contributed to its growth, who have written extensive tutorials and are part of large forums, you get a lot of online help on the fly. They offer excellent support to customers.

Eventually for the above reasons, a cloud server is the choice for a large number of small businesses and personal websites. Large businesses find Linux to be of low maintenance, robust, flexible and highly scalable. Cost efficiency is a major advantage too. This explains why website owners belonging to different categories rely on Linux hosting services for their hosting needs.

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Nikhil Agrawal is a Web Consultant and Entrepreneur with substantial experience in building online businesses and developing web applications. He also specializes in Consulting and Strategies for concept, development, web infrastructure and online marketing/promotion.