Why Content Delivery is Important

(Ping! Zine) – With most companies conducting business on the Web these days, it is crucial for websites to deliver dynamic content – streaming, VOD, games, etc. – rapidly and with zero impact on the load time of the page or viewing quality. A combination of increased site traffic and heightened customer expectations can quickly overwhelm a business’ website and the business itself. When website traffic exceeds capacity, site performance can suffer and customer satisfaction can often plummet. Optimizing the infrastructure for a website can be costly. However, businesses can reduce origin server bandwidth requirements, capital expenditures, and operating costs by leveraging a Content Delivery Network (CDN). With support for a variety of multimedia formats, including Flash, Windows Media, Real and QuickTime, CDNs have emerged as an efficient, cost-effective vehicle for enhancing website performance and ensuring a successful business.

Websites must withstand dips and spikes in traffic. Traffic can happen unexpected for various reasons and a business needs to be prepared for it. The slightest glitch in page or video availability can send a site visitor packing and even heading to the competition. As our lives become more digitally involved, we rely on websites to deliver content quickly and efficiently and have come to expect a level of speed in the loading of pages and videos.

During HostingCon 2010, join Mirror Image Internet’s Martin Hayward at 9:00 AM on Monday, July 19th 2010 to learn why content delivery networks are important to your hosting business. The presentation will focus a range of issues including:

Supporting your hosted site – be ready for dips and spikes in traffic
Content targeting (targeting content through geoblocking)
Mobile video delivery
Securing online content (audio and video streams)
Content Management (add and replace content on-the-fly)
Analyzing traffic (analyze traffic by subaccount, view object-level details, traffic distribution by country and more)
Providing robust technical support and know-how

About Martin Hayward:
As Director of Marketing for Mirror Image Internet, Martin Hayward is responsible for developing and executing marketing strategy for the company’s content delivery network (CDN) solution. Prior to joining Mirror Image, Hayward was the Director of Marketing for Telelogic, where he managed a marketing department that supported worldwide software products and services for the telecommunications industry. Hayward has over 20 years of marketing experience in key areas including product marketing and management, market strategy, marketing communications and market analysis.