WikiLeaks Signs Hosting Deal with Swedish Pirate Party

(Ping! Zine) – According to reports, WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange signed a hosting  and security agreement with the Swedish Pirate Party over dinner this past Sunday. The Swedish Pirate Party will now fully manage several WikiLeaks servers, making it very difficult for U.S. officials to take action against WikiLeaks.

The Swedish Pirate is a political party founded in 2006 that aims to increase privacy rights in Sweden. Since its founding, several other European countries have followed suite in creating similar organizations.

Assange commented,”We welcome the help provided by the Pirate Party. Our organizations share many values and I am looking forward to future ways we can help each other improve the world.”

WikiLeaks recently stated that it plans to release a further 15,000 U.S. classified documents in the near future.

Furthermore, Assange recently landed a job as a columnist for the Swedish newspaper, Aftonbladet. This move will allow him protection as a journalist under the Swedish constitution.