Will Windows 9 Be Released In Late 2014?

Will Windows 9 Be Released In Late 2014?(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) –  With Microsoft ending support for Windows XP in April and the 8.1 operating system not a favorite for customers, users are wondering when Windows 9 will be released.

There are many rumors circulating regarding the release of Windows 9 with some suggesting an April 2015 release while others say a August 2014 release.

According to NetWorkWorld, the Russian hacker known by the name of “WZor” has reason to believe that the new operating system will be released in late 2014.

WZor tweeted, “Win 9 released in April 2015? No! No! No!… WIN RTM-0 RELEASED SIGN-OF DEALINE IN 21 OCTOBER 2014.”

The Microsoft leaker added that users should expect to see a beta of Windows 9 sometime in May.