Willing to Give Away Your Facebook Password for a Job?

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – What if you recently heard back from your dream job, checked into the interview and found the prospective employer asking you to hand over your Facebook login information? A bit too personal, right?

According to a recent report from the Associated Press, this is the exact practice that’s starting to become more common in hiring circles.

Specifically, the AP report recounted the story of NYC statistician Justin Bassett who was asked for his login information during an interview. The hiring manager couldn’t access Bassett’s entire Facebook profile due to his privacy settings.

The result? Bassett decided to search for a job elsewhere. “It’s akin to requiring someone’s house keys,” George Washington University professor Orin Kerr told the Associated Press.

The report also indicated that the practice was more common amongst employers in the security and law enforcement communities.

While it’s been known for employers to routinely check the social networking profiles of a potential hiree pre-interview to many, obtaining personal login credentials is just bizarre and invasive.  To view the report by the AP, visit nola.com.