Windows 10 Release Coming January 2015

Windows 10 Release Coming January 2015(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Users could be getting a first look at Microsoft’s newest operating system next month at a special Windows event if the latest rumors are correct.

ChristianToday reports that Windows 10 will be unveiled at a Consumer Preview event sometime in January, where the tech giant will showcase the systems new features.

Sources familiar with Microsoft’s plans revealed that during next month’s technology preview the tech giant will demonstrate not only the OS features but a preview of Windows 10 mobile SKU, which is said to be compatible with Windows Phone, ARM tablets, and Intel tablets, ZDNet reports.

Microsoft Operating Systems Group Chief, Terry Myerson, discussed the new software during the Credit Suisse Technology Conference, noting that user should expect a developer preview to launch sometime this summer.

Windows 10 will is slated to be released fall 2015, and is rumored to include features such as the addition of the Start menu, a new Task View, Snap Assist, Continum change mode, and multiple improvements to Explorer.