Windows 8.1 Download Causing Freeze-Ups for RT Devices

Windows 8.1 Download Causing Freeze-Ups for RT Devices(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Microsoft has pulled Windows 8.1 for RT devices after the update reportedly interfered with such systems starting up correctly, according to a BBC report on Monday.

Windows RT is primarily used for the company’s Surface devices.

Microsoft is looking into the problem as users have reported RT tablets and laptops freezing up upon reboot.

“Windows RT 8.1 update temporarily removed from Windows Store. Situation affecting small number of users. Working to resolve ASAP,” stated the company via its tech support Twitter page on Saturday.

Meanwhile, the startup issue isn’t the only thing wrong with the 8.1 update. Other users have reported that there have been issues with how 8.1 affects Internet Explorer and how it loads Google services and Microsoft’s own Outlook email solution.