Windows 8.2 Could Bring Back Start Menu

Windows 8.2 Could Bring Back Start Menu(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Microsoft is set to release a “wave” of new updates for its users in 2015.

Windows 8.2, also known as Threshold, is allegedly set to bring back the Windows 7-style Start Menu and will have the ability of Windows 8 or “Metro” apps that run on the desktop by itself, reports PCWorld.

Although Microsoft has not confirmed the report yet, many feel that bringing back the Start Menu will happily bring back access to a “classic” mode.

According to ZDNet, Windows 8.2 will bring all of Microsoft’s OS platforms together to share more common elements.

The update will include the Xbox One, Windows, and Windows Phone.

A release date for Windows 8.2 has not yet been confirmed, but many speculate an early 2015 release.