Windows 8 Blog: Sinofsky Reflects

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – It’s been a little over two weeks since Microsoft launched its Building Windows 8 blog, which has slowly revealed more and more details about the company’s unreleased OS. Now, in one the latest posts, Steven Sinofsky of Windows and Windows Live Division takes a look at the blog’s impact so far and the challenge of creating the OS..

Commenting on the blog, Sinofsky states, “We knew talking about Windows 8 would be different than talking about Windows 7. Whereas Windows 7 was about returning to roots, Windows 8 is about maintaining those roots while moving forward in a big and new way.”

“Moving in a new direction always brings engineering challenges as well as challenges in just talking about what we’ve done. This is especially the case for Windows 8 for two reasons,” he continues.

Such challenges include customer service use and the having to change the “user experience model.”

With the Microsoft Windows 8 blog, the company has promised to keep an “open dialogue” concerning the operating system’s creation. Meanwhile, Sinofsky discussed much of the feedback he’s received regarding Windows 8, including a total of three thousand comments on the blog itself.

So far with its blog, Microsoft has discussed things including file storage, file management, Explorer, and more. For more information, visit: