Windows 8 Hardware Unveiled Preceding October Release

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – The release date for Windows 8 is fast approaching (October 26), and on Monday, Microsoft unveiled new hardware especially suited to help users operate on the highly anticipated OS.

Among the offerings are mice and keyboards. “For 30 years, we’ve been creating products designed to light up features in Microsoft software and making it easier to get things done. It’s part of our DNA,” commented Microsoft Hardware GM Brett Kelleran.

“In that way, it’s fitting that we are showcasing our first set of hardware products designed and optimized for Windows 8. It’s the reason why our group was formed and, in these products, that’s shining through,” Kelleran’s statement continued.

For $69.95, the company’s Wedge Touch Mouse features Blue-tooth compatibility and a touch screen panel for controls. Meanwhile, a more traditionally styled mouse known as the Sculpt Touch is available for $49.95 and the company maintains it can operate on a number of surfaces.

A keyboard known as the Sculpt Mobile (set at $49.95) is built with a curved design. It features a battery-saving mode that allows the device to power down when it’s not being used. An offering known as the Wedge Mobile Keyboard is Bluetooth-enabled and features a more traditional design. However, it is fitted for tablet-devices and adds Windows 8 hotkeys.

Microsoft has notably geared its upcoming OS towards the tablet market. Windows 8 features a metro-style, making it suited for both mobile devices and desktop systems.

In June, the company directly launched into the tablet market, unveiling its own designed tablet known as ‘Surface’ featuring a kickstand and detachable keyboard that multi-functions as a cover.