Windows 8: Microsoft Talks Power Consumption

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Energy efficiency and a device’s ability to run a long time without being plugged in play a critical factor in which device is most appealing from a consumer standpoint. This is true whether it’s a single user relying on a laptop or an entire company that makes use of a computer network.

Microsoft recently discussed the issue of energy efficiency and how their next operating system will aim to improve in the area via the company’s Building Windows 8 blog.

Commenting on the matter, Kernel team program manager at Microsoft Pat Stemen stated, “We consider power management a core OS capability that is critical on any chip architecture and any PC form factor.”

To deal with the issue, the company has 3 goals.

First of all, Microsoft is tailoring the OS to not get in the way of a device’s hardware performance, which it says the goal is to “Let the hardware shine.”

Secondly, Microsoft wants to continue doing what it believes it already did well with Windows 7. Their goal is to keep offering “great battery life.”

Lastly, the company wants to “Enable the smartphone power model.” Commenting on the matter, Stemen said, “One of the coolest things about the System-on-Chip (SoC) platforms you’ve seen us talk about at CES and //BUILD/ is their capability to quickly enter very low-power idle states. We want to leverage that ultra-low idle power to bring the constant connectivity and instant-on features of the smartphone power model to capable Windows 8 PCs.”

The Building Windows 8 blog launched around two months ago, giving Microsoft a way to have an open discussion regarding its still unreleased OS.

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