Windows 8 Packaging Photos Hit the Web

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Many people will receive the next version of Windows by purchasing new desktop, laptop or tablet computer systems this fall. However, a number of users will be looking to upgrade existing hardware to the highly-anticipated OS that features a new tiled start page along with further integration with tablet devices.

For those users purchasing the software in store, packaging will be featured in two different boxes, a white one for the regular Windows version and a black one for the Windows 8 Pro version. The recently unveiled packaging images of the OS on its website. You can view them here (

The boxes feature a clean-style and highlight the company’s Windows 8 UI logo. Microsoft had been referring to the style as “metro” but backed away from using that term following a recent legal discussion with a European retailer. Microsoft Windows 8 will become available October 26. Microsoft released the last version of its OS (Windows 7) in August of 2009.