Windows 8 Preview Draws Widespread Interest

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Following recent availability of a new Windows 8 preview, Microsoft is reporting widespread interest.

“One day later…one million downloads of the consumer preview,” was the message displayed on the Twitter account belonging to the team in charge of developing Windows 8 nearly 23 hours ago.

With the upcoming successor to Windows 7, Microsoft has focused on optimizing the OS for other devices other than the PC. These include smartphones and tablets, an area the company has significant lacked in compared to Apple and Google.

“Windows 8 reimagines Windows, from the chipset to the experience. With the Developer Preview we focused on presenting the new APIs and amazing new tools for developers,” Microsoft President of Windows Division Steven Sinofsky stated on the Building Windows 8 blog on Wednesday.

Just some of the highlights of the platform include the next release of Internet Explorer, the upcoming Windows Store and cloud capabilities. Despite the unveiling of a consumer preview, no date has been set for the operating system’s eventual release. Microsoft’s last OS, Windows 7 debuted in October of 2009.