Windows Phone 8 Won’t Work on Current Devices

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – Don’t like having to settle? Well you just might if you’re currently have a Windows Phone and plan to hold onto it for awhile longer. Last week, Microsoft detailed its upcoming release of Windows Phone 8, the mobile OS set to run on a number devices by sometime this fall.

The operating system will not be available for upgrade on current Windows Phone devices, most notably the Lumia 900 by Nokia. The non-availability of the OS for that phone was confirmed to the AFP by a Nokia spokesperson just recently.

However, new hardware will sport Windows Phone 8’s sleek metro-style operating system, and Nokia itself is in line to produce a new Windows Phone 8 device. Among other expected Windows Phone 8 developers are HTC, Samsung and Huawei.

So why not include Windows Phone 8 for current devices? It has to do with the upcoming OS’s hardware specifications, something current phones currently can’t meet. New hardware support includes new chipsets, graphic processors and more.

If you’re bummed out and had been hoping you could update your current Windows Phone device to OS 8, there is something else to be excited about. Windows Phone 7.8 will be available on current devices. It features a number of new upgrades, most notably to a device’s home-screen which will now let users resize the metro-styled tiles.