WiredTree Levels Up Managed VPS Plans As A Free Automated Upgrade

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – WiredTree, an experienced provider of managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting, managed hybrid hosting, and managed dedicated server hosting, announced today a new range of powerful VPS hosting solutions accompanied by free upgrades to all existing VPS hosted accounts. Every WiredTree customer, both existing and new, can now take advantage of these best-of-breed VPS hosting plans at no extra cost.

“We are delighted to launch this new range of VPS hosting services, which come into effect immediately,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. “We understand the need to stay competitive and that as customers work with us over time, they need technology that always stays current. We leveled-up our hybrid server clients last year with improved hardware resources and they were incredibly satisfied with the results. Now, we are doing the same for our VPS hosting customers, giving them the resources they need to take their business to the next level.”

Managed Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting plans let customers enjoy the power and control of managed dedicated server hosting solutions, with the affordability of shared hosting. Each customer account can utilize dedicated resources in a completely virtualized operating system that is extremely stable, reliable, and secure. For many businesses, their continued growth and development depends on having hardware resources that can meet their new objectives. To help existing customers realize their long-term goals, WiredTree is now upgrading all VPS hosting plans to offer improved RAM, hard disk space, and bandwidth transfer, with no change to pricing.

“We wanted to give our VPS hosting customers new specifications that would truly impress them,” says Cogswell. “This is not a half-hearted attempt to provide a token upgrade for the sake of appearing current – we are dramatically increasing resource allocation across all three of our VPS hosting services because we know how important hardware power is to our users. We are committed to hosting businesses and individuals who do big things – and to do big things, you need big hardware.”

WiredTree has quickly become a leading managed VPS hosting provider by offering a choice of reliable VPS plans that suit a variety of customers, from individuals all the way to enterprises. Now, every one of these customers is being given an incredible opportunity to do more with their VPS. In the case of customers who were previously on the VPS512 plan, they will now be provided with 1024MB RAM, 100GB Hard Disk and 3000GB Bandwidth Transfer as part of the VPS 1000 service. Meanwhile, VPS768 clients will receive 1280MB RAM, 120GB Hard Disk and 4000GB Transfer on the VPS 1200 service. Finally, customers using VPS1024 accounts will now enjoy 1536MG RAM, 150GB Hard Disk and an astonishing 4000GB transfer. In addition to offering existing customers this free service upgrade, WiredTree is confident that new clients will be enticed by the generous specifications available at the same low price.

“At the end of the day, we believe that customer satisfaction is everything,” says Cogswell. “That is the reason we started WiredTree – to give people the hardware they needed, matched with the 24/7 management they could depend on. The hosting industry does not need to be complex – you just need to offer your customers the best specifications, with the best service, for the lowest price. That is what we have done, and that is why so many businesses have made the move to WiredTree managed VPS hosting solutions.”

Outstanding customer service has defined WiredTree since the company was founded, with customer support and management options at the heart of what the firm is about. Today, with the announcement of such generous upgrades to all managed VPS hosting plans, WiredTree is set to continue its remarkable passion for its current hosting customers, while looking towards attracting new clients and new businesses. Customers interested in learning more about WiredTree and their range of managed VPS hosting services are encouraged to visit wiredtree.com.

For more information about WiredTree, visit http://www.wiredtree.com.