WiredTree Offers Flexible Online Monitoring

(Ping! Zine) – WiredTree, a leading managed dedicated server hosting company, announced today an updated version of its proprietary client portal, Grove. Grove gives WiredTree customers complete control over their managed server accounts. The updated version of Grove supplies more detailed performance metrics and greater site content monitoring for managed dedicated servers.

“WiredTree takes customer feedback seriously. Based on what clients have told us during a beta via Twitter, we redesigned a large part of Grove based on customer usage and feedback including making the stats immediately useful and easy to interpret,” says Zac Cogswell, President of WiredTree. “Monitoring from many different angles helps you fine-tune the path to reaching your website’s goals so the new Grove portal for dedicated hosting is designed specifically to make the process more complete.”

Monitoring website performance with WiredTree’s updated version of Grove covers a wide variety of data customers can use to fine-tune their websites. The new WiredTree client portal collects more types of data and provides descriptions to improve usability. The optimized data in Grove is presented without any extraneous information, making WiredTree managed dedicated hosting even more powerful for helping customers achieve their online goals.

“The new monitoring capabilities for WiredTree managed dedicated hosting plans help our customers determine what is working best on their websites and they also give WiredTree the ability to improve our level of service,” says Cogswell. “Our staff now has more insight into customer issues and developers can act on potential performance bottlenecks before they occur.”

WiredTree’s Grove system of metrics available with dedicated server hosting allows users to access many layers of information, such as drilling down to date ranges for specific data. WiredTree customers with managed dedicated servers, managed VPS, and managed hybrid servers may plan for capacity, determine issues that may affect server performance, and inspect a variety of performance metrics including system load, CPU usage, memory usage, and disk input/output.

“Through regular improvements to hardware, applications and network design, WiredTree is committed to providing a superior managed hosting environment,” says Cogswell. “WiredTree’s internal communications network means we respond to every question and concern immediately and the improvements to the Grove arose out of that established customer service network.”

In addition to improved data collection, monitoring and display details, WiredTree’s Grove provides network control and protection. Website security includes protection against spam reaching the dedicated servers and preventing outgoing email from being labeled as SPAM. WiredTree managed dedicated server hosting customers receive a custom client portal for the management, control, and performance of their online presence.