Wireless Looks to Accommodate Cloud

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Tech news site CNET recently raised the question as to how wireless providers will go about keeping up with the increasing demand of cloud computing.

With more top companies such as Apple and Google providing new cloud services, users now have more choices of storing their data in the cloud than ever. More people are looking to access their cloud data using their mobile devices, which requires a bandwidth increase for wireless providers.

According to tech site CNET, in four years, AT&T has reported that they’ve experienced an 8 thousand percent data traffic increase. AT&T is a good example because it’s been carrying the iPhone the longest.

CNET also cited remarks made by AT&T’s CEO. Speaking at a conference last month, company CEO Randall Stephenson indicated that AT&T would seek to permission from the FCC to get more spectrum, thus providing more space for network data.

While AT&T is just one example, other providers will have to look to do the same. In the article, CNET cited a report by CISCO, indicating that mobile device traffic last year was nearly 3 times larger than internet traffic nearly 10 years ago.

As cloud advances, so do bandwidth demands. This means that more and more wireless networks will look to accommodate for the increasing cloud.

For CNET’s entire article on the matter, visit: http://news.cnet.com/8301-30686_3-20070241-266/can-wireless-networks-support-the-promise-of-the-cloud/?tag=topTechContentWrap;editorPicks