Data Center Economic Boost Set for Melbourne

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – Data center solutions provider Digital Realty Trust is known for its many data centers spanning three geographic regions and four continents.

On Wednesday, work officially began on the company’s Melbourne, Australia presence, a data center that will bring a high amount of jobs to the region. Set to be launched sometime next year, the facility will encompass five thousand square meters and contain two buildings. Digital Realty says the project itself will directly create employment for 220 people.

However, that statistic isn’t the most astounding one. $365 million Australian dollars are expected to be generated from the data center’s presence alone, according to the company.

“In addition to direct economic impact projected to be approximately $365 million, we believe there will be a ripple effect on regional businesses which will also benefit western Melbourne significantly,” commented Digital Realty Asia Pacific Regional head Kris Kumar in a press release.

Kumar also discussed the benefits Digital Realty Trust could have in the area for people. “There is also potential for training and skills development for employees in small to medium enterprises in the data centre industry,” Kumar said. Indirectly, the facility could help with 450 jobs.

Digital Realty first signaled it would be entering the Australian market earlier last year. Aside from its Melbourne location, the company is working on a data center site in Sydney.

Although the facility itself has yet to be completed, the company already has one high profile future tenant lined up. The National Australia Bank will make Digital Realty’s data center its home when the facility eventually comes online. Melbourne is Australia’s second largest city behind Sydney. Australia represents one of the world’s largest economies, ranking thirteenth in nominal GDP according to statistics released by the U.S. government last year.