World’s First ‘University of Gaming’ to Open in Belgium

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – In response to the growing popularity of professional gaming and ‘e-sports’, an actual ‘University of Gaming’ in Belgium is now accepting applications from gamers who want to follow a one year course at the UOG academy in Antwerp.

Founder of the University of Gaming is world-famous professional gamer Chiren Boumaaza. His gaming-related viral videos draw hundreds of millions of viewers and his extravagant ‘Athene’ alter-ego is often spotlighted in mainstream media (G4TV, LA Times, NBC).

But Chiren clearly states that the University of Gaming is not just about winning at games. He will be one of the teachers in the academy, where the full one year course covers subjects ranging from in-game tactics to the neuroscience and social dynamics of gaming.

According to Chiren: “Games stimulate a problem-solving and critical-thinking mentality that is often discouraged in most of our education but is vital to our society. The insights and skills that we teach are applicable to all aspects of life and are especially powerful to those who want to get into professional gaming.”

The University of Gaming only opened its website for applications a few hours ago at and is already being flooded with thousands of submissions.