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There are several ways to get your company noticed on Ping! Zine. The first way is to work with Ping! Zine to create a featured article that will be published in rotation on the Ping! Zine homepage. The second way is for us to publish your company’s news, updated daily.

Featured articles and news are based on topics and categories related to the hosting industry and related technology.

Writing a featured article

A featured article is typically around 1,000 words or more depending on content. You have three options:

  1. Your subject matter expert will write the piece and have it edited by us -or-
  2. We will interview your organization and write the piece -or-
  3. We will interview your organization along with other organizations and write a piece based on multiple insights from multiple subject matter experts.

The goal is to get your company noticed as an authoritative industry leader. The more you can work with us, the more we can get you noticed.

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Getting your news posted

If you are announcing news and you want your news to reach our audience, talk to us and let us know when you have published the announcement on your website. We will write a summary and link back to your full news announcement.

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How to get started

To get started, fill out the form on our Contact page and let’s get the conversation going.