WTF? ICE Seizes 84,000 Websites Accidentally

(Ping! Zine Web Hosting Magazine) – On Friday, the Cyber Crimes Center (ICE) seized numerous domains believed to be involved in the distribution of child pornography. The domain seizure came as part of ICE’s “Operation Save Our Children”.

Soon after a District Court Judge granted the warrant for the domain seizures, ICE forced the targeted sites domain registries to post the message shown below.

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However a critical mistake was made and the domain, was seized, which caused around 84,000 innocent sub-domains to go down as well.

Outrage came over many website owners who’s sites were shut down and announced that they distributed child pornography. Most of the 84,000 seized websites were being used for personal or business use and reports claim that it took up to six days for the wrongfully accused sites to return to normal.

The Department of Homeland Security recently sent out a press release regarding the domain seizures. However, in the press release they failed to mention the massive screw up, nor issue any sort of apology to the effected website owners.