Xbox 720 ‘Durango’ CPU Specs Unveiled?

(Ping! Zine Web Tech Magazine) – More and more information regarding the Xbox 360’s successor appears to be trickling into the limelight. on Thursday highlighted supposed CPU specs for the upcoming Microsoft console commonly dubbed by many as the “Xbox 720” aka codename ‘Durango’.

“The Durango CPU is structured as two modules. A module contains four x64 cores, each running a single thread at 1.6 GHz. Each core contains a 32 KB instruction cache (I-cache) and a 32 KB data cache (D-cache), and the 4 cores in each module share a 2 MB level 2 (L2) cache. In total, the modules have 8 hardware threads and 4 MB of L2. The architecture is little-endian,” states the report from

The article, meanwhile, went into further detail regarding the device’s cache performance, what’s described as an “advanced branch predictor,” store forwarding, register renaming and more.

While it’s unknown if the specs are accurate, if you’re curious as to what all the Xbox 720 could entire, it’s definitely worth a peak. Check all the specs out here (

Microsoft has set no firm date for the new Xbox’s release. Many, however, are already speculating the device could be announced in April following Sony’s announcement of a PlayStation 4 just earlier this month.